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From our hand-selected network of licensed, professional counselors to our highly experienced clinical management staff and our dedicated team of senior account executives, we bring the best and most responsive EAP program available. Our comprehensive benefit offers a wide range of services through a specialized health care services plan that is easy to administer, implement and utilize.  We offer these bundled services on a capitated fee basis to enable employer groups to transfer their risk and accurately predict their benefits costs. This program design offers a superior advantage over fee-for-service plans.


Business Case for EAP Services

Providing troubled employees access to confidential, professional assistance to address their personal problems that negatively impact workplace productivity is the inherent value proposition of an EAP.  With more than 30 years of history in the workplace, EAPs have proven to be a low-cost investment for a high-value return:


  • When EAP services are provided, work loss was avoided in 60% of cases with an average of 17 hours per case. 72% of these cases showed improved work productivity with an average gain of 43%. 
    --- Attridge, M. (2001, August).  Personal and Work Outcomes of Employee Assistance Services
  • An employer-sponsored EAP program can reduce an employer’s disability costs, medical costs, pharmacy costs and workers’ compensation costs.
    --- Watson Wyatt, 2001

  • Companies without an EAP had 6% of employees on disability leave annually, compared to just 2% of workers for employers with EAP services.  
    --- The Hartford Life Study, 2007

Current research is focused on gathering outcomes data for pre- and post- EAP usage. For more information, read the following research paper, “EAP Impact on Work, Relationship, and Health Outcomes.”

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EAP Impact Study

Learn more about large-study outcomes data for EAP usage.


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EAP Impact Study

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