Wellness on the Web

LifeAdviser, our free online member resource center, includes a Life Center called Wellness on the Web, dedicated to providing CONCERN plan members with free wellness resources and education.   Four solution centers focused on dieting, fitness, smoking and stress help people understand the health risks of lifestyle behaviors.  Confidential health risk assessments can be taken online, resulting in a downloadable personal report for the benefit of the individual plan member.


Personal Health Coaching


Employer groups with wellness initiatives that include intervention programs may want to consider CONCERN’s personal health coaching programs.  These programs are based on an effective blend of behavioral theory and clinical guidelines, including Prochaska’s Transtheoretical Model & Stages of Change, Bandura’s Health Belief Model, and motivational interviewing.  They are guided by a scientific & advisory board and have helped more than 40,000 individuals over a ten-year period achieve their goals.


These HIPAA-compliant programs apply a dedicated coaching model which engages the same coach throughout the 6- or 12-month intervention period.  Through a combination of online and telephone-based interactions, skilled wellness coaches help participants identify and remove barriers that stand in the way of optimal health.   Based on a collaborative partnership between the coach and the participant, lifestyle behavioral changes drive improved health outcomes.   


Health coaching is administered by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, including Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, and Behavioral Health Specialists. The majority of coaches (75%) have Master’s degrees and average 12 years of coaching experience.


Each of the four programs consists of a personal health profile, a personal web page and a personal health coach.  Targeted interventions address major lifestyle factors including eating habits, physical activity, body weight, tobacco use, stress, depression and anxiety. Guided by the initial health profile (risk assessment), coaches make outbound calls to help participants achieve the agreed-upon goals, gathering outcomes data along the way.   Participants may contact their coach by email or telephone at any time.  Reporting is gathered in aggregate and provided to the sponsoring employer group.   


For more information about these highly effective personal health management intervention programs, please contact us at info@concern-eap.com or submit an online Request For Proposal.



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