CONCERN and Benefits Consultants

For nearly three decades CONCERN has been delivering EAP program excellence to corporate health benefits departments. Through our comprehensive employee assistance, organizational support and wellness programs, we help improve workplace health and productivity.


Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, we serve a national population of employer groups and plan members. We have earned a solid reputation among benefits consultants for a high level of satisfaction from employer groups as a result of our:

  • Quality (focused on excellence in EAP services)
  • Clinical Expertise  (management team with more than 20 years of experience)
  • Quick response (no barriers to accessing services)
  • Flexibility (stand alone program tailored to meet customer needs)

Our national network of licensed clinicians, work/life consultants and professional trainers is highly responsive to our plan members. CONCERN’s full-service EAP emphasizes ongoing support for consistent outreach to employees and their families. Our highly experienced clinical management staff is available on a 24/7 basis to HR professionals for workplace behavioral expertise and crisis support. Designated account managers work closely with our benefits consultants and employer groups, providing accurate reporting and ensuring a highly effective program.


You can rely on us to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction to your clients, resulting in a higher retention rate across your book of business.


We encourage you to take a closer look at our EAP services for your valued clients, and to add us to your vendor bid list when going out to market for EAP plans. To request a proposal, just contact our marketing staff in one of the following ways:

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What They Say About Us...

“You have a high caliber team, every step of the way, helping our family with a terminal illness in a way that even the doctor was not able to provide.”

- (Plan member)

“It’s been great working for you all through the years.  The integrity and continued excellence of the staff is ‘top rated.  Thank you.”

- (Provider comment)

“The clinician was excellent.  She offered some very good suggestions for us to follow up on to help employees process and cope with this tragic loss.”

- (Employer group)

“I was desperately in need of help. CONCERN found me a counselor and an appointment was made to see her within one hour.”

- (Plan member)

“I wish other EAPs were like your company. Personal contact motivates high quality service. Keep up the good work.”

- (Provider)

“CONCERN's response during our fire last week far exceeded my expectations.  The number and responsiveness of the counselors and staff was great.”

- (Employer group)

“The fact that my employer provides it shows they take an active interest in our well-being, and I trust them more because of it.”

- (Plan member)

employees - concern eap
Request A Proposal

Call CONCERN: EAP (800) - 344-4222(888) 533-6015