Eldercare Services
Resources for Working Caregivers

As our population ages, we are facing the increased responsibility of caring for aging parents or relatives. Many people find themselves sandwiched between the needs of their dependent children and the needs of dependent parents or relatives.

Caregiving can take many forms: emotional reassurance, transportation, shopping, home maintenance, financial and medical management, monetary support and personal care tasks.

Here are some important facts. Only a small portion of the elderly live in nursing homes. Families provide 80% of the care received by frail elderly. Approximately 33% of employees are responsible for two or more elderly people. And between 30% and 50% of employees who care for an elderly person also have at least one dependent child at home.

Both women and men function as caregivers and both rank eldercare as extremely difficult and demanding. While eldercare can be personally rewarding, we know it can also place tremendous strain on caregivers, leaving them emotionally drained, financially burdened and physically exhausted.


We Can Help

If you are caring for an elderly person or want to learn more, consider talking with one of our professional eldercare specialists. They can help you:

  • clarify and prioritize problems
  • develop a problem solving plan
  • identify resources within your family and community
  • evaluate financial circumstances and review insurance options
  • understand "advance directives," such as Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • find, arrange, and coordinate services
  • find support groups
  • show you how to tap the wealth of information in consumer health libraries on aging, health, retirement and community resources

Call CONCERN toll-free number, (800) 344-4222, to speak with an eldercare specialist who will help you determine what you need, and locate the resources in your area. Then, you will be referred directly to providers and programs that meet your care and location requirements.


Or, submit a request for services online by completing the Request for Services form provided.


Note: CONCERN's eldercare consultation and referral services are free of charge to eligible employees. Employees are responsible for fees associated with the actual services selected. 

Call CONCERN: EAP (800) - 344-4222(800) 344-4222