Parenting and Childcare Resources

Note: CONCERN's parenting resource and referral services are free of charge to eligible employees. Employees are responsible for fees associated with the actual services selected.


CONCERN's Childcare Specialists

We can help you find agencies that assist with family planning, adoption, childcare, after school and summer programs, specialized care for dependents with special needs, and college and financial aid services. Our goal is to connect you with the right resource in an efficient, time-saving manner.


There are two ways to access CONCERN's childcare services: either call our toll-free number or use our online Request for Services.

When you call the CONCERN toll-free number (800) 344-4222, a childcare specialist will help you determine what resources you need, refer you directly to providers and programs that meet your care and location requirements and that have openings for your child.


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Educational materials

Educated consumers make better care giving decisions for themselves and their families. CONCERN's professional consultants give you the tools you need to evaluate your options, make sound decisions, and monitor your caregiver's performance. We will provide you with educational materials that describe and explain care options and how to evaluate and select a caregiver service.


Being a wise consumer

The information provided to you about a particular provider or program does not mean that CONCERN or your employer endorses or guarantees those services. So be a wise consumer: interview your care providers, and be sure to verify all their information. Only you can make the final decision about any childcare arrangement.

Call CONCERN: EAP (800) - 344-4222(800) 344-4222