What are Work / Life Services?

Work/life services help you manage your life events, like planning for a family, finding suitable childcare providers, taking care of your home, your finances, your aging parents, and much more. Think of work/life services as another resource to help you manage the business side of your personal life.

Balancing the competing demands of your work and family life can be a job in itself.  As part of your employer sponsored EAP benefit plan, CONCERN’s work/life services are available to you and your covered dependents at no cost*.      

Our friendly, courteous consultants are experts at finding just the right resources you need—saving hours of your valuable time.   

  • Access to work/life experts (childcare, legal, financial, eldercare)
  • Toll-free request line (800) 344-4222 available 24/7 
  • Online request form is available 24/7
Resources & Referrals
  • Matched to your unique needs, requests, budget and location
  • Resources include books, articles, tip sheets, provider profiles and more
  • Timely and accurate responses; follow-up by our expert consultants

Parenting & Childcare | Legal | Financial | Eldercare | Wellness


*Work/life services benefit levels may vary by employer group; contact your HR department or call CONCERN


Call CONCERN: EAP (800) - 344-4222(800) 344-4222