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Your company-sponsored employee assistance program is one of the best benefits you and your family can have. If your company has selected CONCERN, you can expect a quick, caring and confidential response to your needs, at no cost to you or your family. For more than 28 years, we have been providing assistance to employees and their families for everyday life problems.   

Sooner or later, we are all overwhelmed by the complexity of our lives. Balancing work and family demands can take an extraordinary toll on our overall sense of health and well being. Fortunately, help is available for a wide range of problems and issues.


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What Our Clients Say...

“It was so quick and easy to get a referral to an excellent counselor.”

“The best thing about it is the ability to speak freely and not be judged.”

“I had no idea that these EAP services existed until I spoke with my HR department about my maternity leave. The phone call was pleasant and the information just arrived! I’m
very pleased with Concern’s services.”

“The EAP is extremely valuable. It helped me avert a crisis or going into panic.”

“Someone always answers the phone; you never get a recording.”

“CONCERN was awesome--the follow-up calls to me, checking in on me, tips provided to me as my mother’s caregiver.”

“I received a list of daycare providers right away and I am looking into them now.”

“It was easy to get referrals to experts; the staff was very helpful; the spectrum of services was broad.”

employees - concern eap
Call CONCERN: EAP (800) - 344-4222(800) 344-4222