Crisis Support/CISM

CONCERN is widely known for our quick and clinically excellent response to personal, workplace, regional or national crises.   We have more than two decades of experience working with client organizations in all kinds of situations--from the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster to the World Trade Center bombing, Hurricane Katrina, workplace shootings, shopping mall shootings and many other unfortunate tragedies that either impact employees or occur in the workplace.

Crisis support services are provided to all of our current client organizations, their employees and dependents on a 24-hour basis. 


Immediate Telephone Support for Crisis

In all crisis situations, our clinical management staff is responsible for working with your organization’s Human Resource staff to determine the most appropriate clinical response based on the specific circumstances of the crisis.  Our clinical managers are also available to consult with your managers and leadership by phone regarding potentially violent employees or any difficult employee situation.   They are on call 24/7/365 and will assist you in a crisis regardless of the time of your call.


Onsite Crisis Support Services


CONCERN’s specialized team of counselors, clinically trained and experienced with Crisis Incident Stress Management, can be sent to the site in as little as two hours (or as clinically appropriate within two days) for workplace trauma or organizational strife such as:

  • Grief or workplace trauma caused by employee injuries or deaths, threats of violence, or sexual harassment issues
  • Employee emotional stress caused by reductions in force, reorganizations, mergers or other workplace transitions

What else can CONCERN do for your organization in times of crisis?


  • Immediate access to a licensed counselor
    Our counselors are available through the 800 number on a 24/7/365 basis for any urgent personal or family crisis
  • Meet with employees
    The counselor that facilitates a group session may also stay afterward to be available to employees that want to discuss their reactions and feelings about the event and may refer the employee for individual counseling if helpful
  • Informational handouts
    Your account executive can provide you with appropriate articles dealing with workplace grief, loss, anger and other feelings in the wake of a workplace incident