Supervisor Referrals

Reports from the national EAP Association indicate that typically supervisors wait for a crisis to occur before confronting employees about their job performance. Although they worry about absenteeism, turnover, workplace violence and rising costs of workers' compensation claims, without an avenue to successfully refer an employee, the tendency for the supervisor is to wait and hope that the performance improves.

Supervisor referrals are a cost-effective means to resolve employee problems. Early identification of problems and immediate and effective EAP referral can save both employers and employees time and money. Problems are resolved through the EAP before they become more serious, thereby avoiding unnecessary use of medical benefits, fitness for duty evaluations or workers' compensation claims. This type of referral can also turn around a situation of deteriorating job performance, restoring employee productivity and helping to retain valued employees.


  • EAP visits are increased for all substance abuse cases and supervisor referrals at no additional charge to the employee or employer.
  • HR, supervisors and managers may consult with CONCERN about the supervisor referral process at any time.
  • Unlimited and immediate consultations are available for managers and HR staff on issues such as an employee who may be drinking at work, or an employee who is absent or late on a frequent basis, or an employee who seems to be distracted or is often on the phone for personal business.
  • Unlimited and immediate consultation is also provided for “unusual” behavior in employees such as slurring of words, disorientation to time and place, erratic work performance, threats to other employees or managers, and threats of self harm.