Workplace Performance

Managing people is a time-consuming and challenging task. CONCERN can help you develop critical skills to manage complex employee issues, improve employee performance and respond effectively to conflict in the workplace.


Who can use these services?


Managers, front line supervisors, directors, Human Resources professionals, or project leaders can take advantage of CONCERN's management services.

HR/Management Consultation Services

Managers, supervisors and Human Resource professionals can call CONCERN's consultation team to discuss how to respond to an employee who is experiencing personal or family problems that are affecting their work.

For example, employees may exhibit a sudden change in work performance, a pattern of declining productivity, attendance problems, or missed deadlines. Our consultation team can recommend a course of action and assist you in referring the employee to CONCERN.

CONCERN's consultation team is comprised of senior clinicians with years of experience consulting with managers and HR professionals on complex employee workplace issues.


CONCERN is available to consult and problem solve on a variety of work-related issues:

  • Employee and management training & development
  • HR policy development
  • Lay-off support
  • Sexual harassment or substance abuse
  • Threats of violence
  • Workplace conflict
  • Workplace crisis or grief groups
Change Management Services


Talk with CONCERN about how to plan, communicate and implement organizational change due to mergers, layoffs, or rapid growth.

Conflict Resolution Services

CONCERN provides organizational development consultants to assist in resolving conflicts among individuals, teams, work groups, and departments.


Management Seminars


These educational seminars are specifically designed for managers and supervisors. They are two hours in length. Topics include:


  • Developing and Leading Teams
  • Motivating and Developing Teams
  • DOT Regulations: Alcohol & Drug Training for Managers
  • Managing Organizational Change from Survival to Success
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness for Managers and Supervisors
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Awareness and Action for Managers
  • Overcoming Overwhelm: Handling Stress Well for Managers
  • Using the EAP as a Management Tool
  • Workplace Conflict Tools and Techniques for Managers
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers
Strategic Planning


Align your entire organization using a systematic approach to determine the optimal use of your resources with a CONCERN consultant.

Team Building


CONCERN can help strengthen your team by building morale, cohesion and commitment to goals through team building efforts.

Workplace Crisis Support


CONCERN is available to facilitate on-site support groups in the event of a workplace crisis like the death of an employee, layoff, natural disaster, accident, violence, or other highly stressful situations.

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