Full Service Employee Assistance Program

CONCERN is committed to helping employers achieve their workplace health and productivity goals by aligning our services with business objectives and employee needs.  Through a highly effective service delivery model that provides open and easy access, we have greater flexibility than managed behavioral health care models that require preauthorization to services and other restrictive practices.


We deliver a strategic value to our corporate clients by focusing on the following:

  • Extremely responsive, licensed clinical managers with more than 20 years of workplace behavioral health expertise.  They are always available to assist Human Resources with a wide range of issues, from behavioral risks that impact workplace safety to organizational change, crisis support, workforce reductions and much more.  
  • Quick and easy access to highly qualified, licensed, and experienced EAP clinicians with expertise in marriage and family counseling, substance abuse, and short-term, problem focused therapy.  This includes case follow-up, transition and coordination with medical plans and community-based services to ensure appropriate treatment.
  • Ongoing program support to deliver consistent outreach to employees and their families; accurate and comprehensive reporting; and designated account managers to ensure a highly effective EAP.
Comprehensive, Integrated EAP Benefit Plan

Offering more than just employee counseling, our comprehensive EAP benefit plan integrates a wide range of work/life services.  These services help employees reduce the amount of lost work time spent searching for personal life resources while on the job and lost work time due to absence for personal reasons. 

  • “Two-thirds of U.S. workers who call in sick at the last minute do so for reasons other than physical illness...taking time off to deal with personal or family issues”
    (2007 CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey).
  • “One in every four American workers feels seriously distressed by their personal financial situation with 30%-80% of these workers worrying about personal finances and dealing with financial issues instead of working”
    (Garman, T.T., Junk, V.S., Kim, J., O’Neill, B.J., Prochaseka-Cue, K., et at. [2005].  Financial Distress Among American Workers-Final Report).
  • “62% of employed caregivers changed daily schedule, went in late, left early, or took time off during work”
    (Hunt, G. 2004, Caregiving and the Workplace).
  • “Nearly 60% of those caring for an adult over the age of 50 are working; the majority of those work full-time”
    (MetLife Mature Market Institute & National Alliance for Caregiving, 2006).

Organizations make a substantial investment in finding and developing employees, so clearly an effective business strategy requires an effective people strategy.  By providing resources for employees to better manage their personal lives and stay focused on their jobs, CONCERN can help your managers deliver better results and leverage your organization’s investment in its people

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What our Customers Say...

“We have recommended them in the past, and would do so again without hesitation.”

“I’ve dealt with other EAPs and CONCERN is the best, especially in terms of outreach to employees and to HR staff.”  

“CONCERN has been very helpful to use as a benefit during negotiations with Union.”

 “CONCERN responded immediately and has been of great assistance.”

“CONCERN was very helpful during Katrina, 9/11 and after two retiree deaths.”

“Some employees exhibited inappropriate behavior…and using the EAP seemed to turn around their behavior.”

“We’ve been a client forever and feel I can always pick up the phone and get the help I need 100% of the time.”

“I think the work/life services benefit is exceptionally valuable to employees.”

“Wonderful customer service!  We appreciate our partnership and CONCERN is especially good at critical response.”

“CONCERN is really ‘top notch’. I can't imagine going with another EAP.”

“Great staff! I especially appreciate the support to managers and supervisors.”

“Everyone has been really good. The Account Exec is in touch with our needs and is proactive.”

employees - concern eap