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Viewpoints: FDA Got Kudos For Vaping Limits, But It Didn’t Get Tough Enough; Are Dems Moving Toward ‘Medicare For Anyone’?

Opinion writers weigh in on these health issues and others.

Perspectives: We Need To Bring Down The Cost Of Developing Miracle Cures

Read recent commentaries about drug-cost issues.

HHS Has Been Deluged With Comments Over PBMs And Drug Rebates. Who Is Stoking That Fervent Response?

News outlets report on stories related to pharmaceutical pricing.

State Highlights: PG&E Knew About Likelihood Of Flaws That Led To Calif. Fires, Report Says; San Francisco Proposes Sweeping Limits On E-Cigarette Sales

Media outlets report on news from California, Washington, Wyoming, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, New York, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.

From The State Capitols: Public Option Bills Clear Key Hurdle In Conn. Legislature; Measure Would Encourage Ga. Schools To Expand Recess

News from state legislatures comes out of Connecticut, Georgia and Massachusetts.

University Of Illinois At Chicago Acknowledged Failure To Catch Warnings Signs Over Child Psychiatrist Who Violated Research Protocols

According to new documents, the University of Illinois at Chicago Institutional Review Board, the committee responsible for protecting research subjects, improperly fast-tracked approval of Dr. Mani Pavuluri’s clinical trial, didn’t catch serious omissions from the consent forms parents had to sign and allowed children to enroll in the study even though they weren’t eligible. Still, UIC officials have continued to blame only Pavuluri, and have downplayed the institution's role in the research.

Medicaid Work Requirements Move Forward In Iowa State Senate

The measure, if it becomes law, would require weekly work hours for Medicaid recipients but carves out people with physical and mental conditions. It's one of several measures moving through red states that would impose restrictions on the program. Medicaid news comes out of New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, as well.

British Gallery Latest Institution To Give Sackler Family’s Charitable Arm The Cold Shoulder Over Role In Opioid Crisis

Britain’s National Portrait Gallery has announced it won’t proceed with a $1.3 million pledge from a charitable organization overseen by some members of the Sackler family, which founded Purdue Pharma. A recent court case has been shedding light on just how large a role the family played in the aggressive marketing of the painkillers.

New Treatments Might Provide Hope To Patients With Rare Genetic Disease That Turns Tissue Into Bone

The genetic disease, fibrodysplasia ossificans, in which the body’s machinery for healing goes awry, growing immovable bone where it doesn’t belong, had been languishing as nothing more than a medical curiosity. But a community of patient advocates rallied, and now there are three medicines in human trials, the most advanced of which could win Food and Drug Administration approval next year. In other public health news: weight lifting, primate emotions, the "bliss point" in food, and psychic mediums.

Daily Use Of High-Potency Marijuana Can Increase Risk Of Developing Psychosis By Nearly Five Times

Experts say that this should temper some of the enthusiasm that's been growing about the healthfulness of marijuana. They also say it provides reasoning behind putting some restrictions on legalized use of the drugs--such as making sure high-potency versions are harder to get.
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