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Mental Health and Disorders

A free collection of articles about mental health and disorders published in The New York Times.

Marijuana Edibles May Pose Special Risks

Edibles induced a disproportionate number of pot-related medical crises, an analysis of emergency room admissions in Colorado found.

It Will Take More Than a $34,000 Drug to Stop Postpartum Depression

We need to pay more attention to the way our culture abuses and isolates new mothers.

Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help

A growing number of games are taking on mental health issues like depression, anger and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chirlane McCray, de Blasio’s Wife, Is Questioned Over His ‘Revolutionary’ $1 Billion Mental Health Plan

Ms. McCray, who runs ThriveNYC, is appearing before City Council to defend the expensive and sprawling program.

My Temporary Hoarding Habit

When my daughter was hospitalized for cancer treatment, I began collecting leftover condiments and medical supplies in an effort to control something in our uncontrollable world.

What to Do When Someone Is Suicidal

Psychiatrists and the father of a daughter who committed suicide offer insights.

F.D.A. Approves First Drug for Postpartum Depression

The medication works quickly, within 48 hours. But it’s an expensive infusion and requires a stay in a medical center.

Is Pain a Sensation or an Emotion?

We could learn a thing or two from the ancient Greeks’ understanding of suffering.

Getting Off Antidepressants

A psychiatrist says there is no “boilerplate advice” to give patients.

Mental Illness Isn’t All in Your Head

A “formulation” gathers the biological, psychological and social factors that lead to a mental illness — and offers clues to the way out of suffering.
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